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Professional English In Use Medicine

professional english in use by eric h glendinning and ron howard pdf free download. Professional English in Use Medicine has been carefully researched using the Institute for Applied Language Studies medical corpus and is a must for teachers of medical English and for medical practitioners who need to use English at work, either in their own country or abroad.

Professional English in Use Medicine

Pascaline Faure has a PhD in medical English, for which she completed three years in medicine. She is an assistant professor in English for medicine and has been Director of the Medical English Department of Pierre and Marie Curie School of Medicine for 14 years. Her major works examine the nature of medical language (etymology, neologism, abbreviations and discourse) and the impact of English on other European medical languages.

Study of medical terminology using a body systems approach, relating terms to the anatomy and physiology of the human body. Word parts are used to build, analyze, define, spell, and pronounce medical terms, including abbreviations. Structural, directional, disease and disorder, surgical, and diagnostic terms will be covered for body structures, body systems, and specialized areas of medicine such as oncology. NOTE: Students need to have entry codes to register. This class may include students from multiple sections.

This course provides instruction in the general office administration duties of a medical assistant. Topics to be covered include telecommunications, scheduling, filing, interpersonal communications, and professional correspondence. Review and discuss various machines and equipment used in the business office, as well as exercises in the maintenance of office equipment, procurement of supplies, and maintenance of inventory. Students will be instructed in the use of an educational electronic medical record (EMR) system. NOTE: Students need to have entry codes to register. This class may include students from multiple sections.

College mathematics used in professional and technical programs. Content includes mathematical modeling and applications employing numerical operations; measurements; geometry; linear and nonlinear equations; exponent, radical, and polynomial operations; functions; formulas; plane analytical geometry with graphing; and an introduction to trigonometry. This class may include students from multiple sections. 041b061a72


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