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Wristwatches In The Future

Only Apple knows what's in store for the future. But it feels like no coincidence that this update is coming as Apple is expected to launch a rugged Apple Watch designed for extreme sports this fall. Bloomberg reports an Apple Watch with extra impact resistance similar to Casio's G-Shock watches could be in the works. The watch is sometimes referred to as the Explorer Edition internally and may have a rubberized casing for additional durability, the report said. The device would reportedly be marketed as an alternative option for athletes and hikers alongside the standard Series 8 and next-generation Apple Watch SE.

Wristwatches in the Future

Apple's emphasis on fitness was at the heart of its WatchOS 9 announcement. But some of the software's other updates might also suggest Apple's future direction. For example, the company did more on sleep tracking by introducing Sleep Stages, a feature that analyzes the amount of time spent in various phases of slumber. Apple is playing catch-up in this regard; rival fitness trackers from Fitbit, Oura and Samsung have supported this feature for years.

Considering that battery life has been one of the Apple Watch's persistent criticisms -- and not to mention Bloomberg's reliable track record -- I wouldn't be surprised to see this capability arrive in the future. And remember: Apple introduced new WatchOS 8 features for cyclists alongside the Apple Watch Series 7 during its fall product event in 2021. So there's a chance Apple could have more software features to announce later this year.

So what is the destiny of horology? Will we all be wearing wristwatches connected to the Internet, or will connected watches remain a niche in the market like fitness watches? Will we have both a fine timepiece and a connected watch, or will the master watchmakers of tomorrow find a way to offer us complications with applications? It is all largely guesswork right now, so we decided to ask a panel of designers to come up with some alternative future timepieces for what you may be wearing in the year 2050.

Although the idea of smart clothing has floated around for a few years, little has come of it, until now. Big-name companies like Samsung, Google, OMSignal, Hexo Skin, and Under Armour have begun thinking about ways to make the clothes on your back as smart as the phone in your pocket. Since most wearables are fitness-focused, most smart clothing so far has followed in those footsteps with incredibly accurate fitness metrics and detailed analysis of workouts. Thankfully, many companies are beginning to think beyond gym rats, and the smart clothes they are working on may be the future of wearable tech.

More than that, the roughly 10-minute long scene plays almost entirely in real-time, each minute documented by a variety of timing devices from wristwatches to stopwatches and even the time machine itself.

Zhang and his colleagues also tested the devices on humans and found that a light jog was enough to power temperature measurement in the device. The researchers see future applications in sports monitoring, healthcare, smart home, and the construction of human wireless sensor networks.

What happens in these situations is that someone in the future, in what are often different market conditions, rediscovers the product and appreciates it for what it is. What further helps is that because the watch might have been obscure to begin with, prices for these watches on the market will be very low. Almost all collector trends begin with purchasing watches that they feel are currently undervalued.

Live in the present. That's what we strive to do. This unique timepiece beautifully reminds you that 'there's no time like the present.' You only see the present time: what's past is past. The future doesn't exist yet. The time is now. At once coolly minimal and warmly conceptual, Past Present, Future is a meditation on time.

As Albert Einstein says, I never think of the future as it comes soon enough. Our Past, Present & Future Watch is one with one of the great minds of the 20th century. Time is always in the present; a meditation on time.

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In a blog post announcing its new software support commitment, Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic would get up to four years of One UI Watch and Wear OS updates. In addition, the company also promised that future Galaxy Watches would be subject to the same level of software support. Meaning the Galaxy Watch 5, or whatever the next Samsung watch ends up being called, would also be eligible for four years of OS updates.

The news comes shortly after Samsung issued a big software update for the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic. The latest update, which will start rolling out today, brings a new interval target feature, a sleep coaching program, new body composition insights, and additional watch face customizations. The Galaxy Watch 4 is also set to receive the ability to stream music on the YouTube Music app and Google Assistant support in a future update.

"I have bought 3 watches from Tokyoflash Japan: Waku, Tenmetsu and F-Turbo. Love the design of your watches and the quality. And you have great service. I wish you more customers. In the future I will become a customer again, I'm sure!"

We have plans to launch our first Swiss-made automatic watch this year and we're really excited about it. We also plan to expand our philanthropic efforts to support future entrepreneurs and business leaders. In 2021, we launched the first Talley & Twine business scholarship at my alma mater, Albany State University and we plan to extend that to other historically Black colleges and universities as well.


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