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Sony Map Europe Route Planner 15

When you want to go out for a long drive on your EV, you need to consider a lot of things, but the most important is the availability of charging stations at regular intervals during the entire journey road. Here come EV route planner solutions like web apps and mobile apps.

Sony map europe route planner 15

Most of the factory-provided apps offer information on charging stations that the vehicle manufacturer has set up. However, third-party EV route planners collect and deliver detailed information about the charging stations on your route. It could include charging infrastructures from your EV manufacturers or third-party charging solution providers.

EV route planner apps come with a great deal of granular data about your chosen route. First off, most standard apps offer standard data like locations, numbers, and availability of charging stations.

Thirdly, the next-generation EV route planner apps simply offer many complex data. For example, they analyze weather, traffic, topography, vehicle load, and more. Then they offer you a personalized battery charging schedule on a long drive.

So far, you have gone through the basic problems related to EV owning. You have also learned how the EV route planner app helps EV owners. Now, find below the ultimate list of EV route planners that are reliable and effective.

A Better Routeplanner is the perfect choice for EV owners and users who want to plan their routes for a safe and hassle-free journey. When it comes to planning and learning about EVs, it is considered one of the most appreciated services in the world.

EV Navigation is not just an EV route planner. It also offers premium turn-by-turn route navigation. Furthermore, the app is available in most countries around the globe. It is also actively adding new charging networks, points, stations, and spots as they appear in any city, county, or state.

Moreover, its EV Trip Planner adds automation to your long driving adventures. When you input the start point and destination along with passenger details and vehicle specs, the EV route planners create an optimum route based on weather, charging station types, charge time, average speed, and so on.

Features like route planner, live status data, payment facility, an active user base, and CarPlay make Zap-Map a popular and reliable app for EV drivers. Moreover, you can enable filters like connectors, network, speed, location type, payment, and access to get a refined result.

Whenever you go out for a long trip on your electric vehicle, you need to use an EV route planner for convenience. The article has listed some of the best EV route planners that you can use on web browsers, iOS devices, and Android devices. Pick the one that meets your needs and enjoy an environment-friendly ride on your EV.


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