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Alien Shooter The Experiment _HOT_ Full Version

this application is a very similar experience to the original, but in many ways it's a whole new game. we've added a lot of new alien types, new weapons, new maps and we've added a number of game modes. we've also added achievements to this version of the game. this is the game for you if you like the original alien shooter.

Alien Shooter The Experiment Full Version

we've added a new ship, the shuttle. the shuttle is a fast ship that has a very powerful laser cannon. it can't fly through the levels, but it can travel in hyperspace. it also has a secondary cannon that is great for firing at the aliens. the shuttle is a great ship for the first and second level of the game, where you have a lot of aliens flying around.

this version of the game comes with four new weapons. we've added the plasma pistol, which fires a charged particle beam. the plasma pistol is great for taking out aliens quickly. the laser rifle fires a laser beam, which is great for covering large areas. the atom cannon fires a stream of anti-matter that can destroy anything it touches. and finally, the laser gun fires a beam of focused energy. it's weak against aliens and has an insane rate of fire, but it's still a great weapon.

the aliens in the original version of the game are completely gone, except for a few that are only in the first level. this version of the game has a lot of new alien types. here's a list of the new alien types:

mothmen: these aliens fly around in packs, they are very fast and they can fly through walls. they fire a beam that will disable your ship's shields and can take out your ship. they are usually the first enemy type you encounter in the game. they can also spit a corrosive acid at you.


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