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Mechanical Vibration Book By Vp Singh Pdf Free 29 ((NEW))

Fratini et al. [33] also claim that whole body vibration produces significant BMD improvements on the hip and spine when compared to no intervention, while treatment associated with exercise training resulted in negligible outcomes when compared to exercise training or to placebo. The authors specify that the most osteogenic effect is obtained with side-alternating platforms, due to the similarity of the stimulus with gait, mechanical oscillations of magnitude higher than 3 g, and/or frequency lower than 25 Hz, while exercising on the platform does not provide further improvement of BMD. Thus, it is better if the subject during the treatment assumes static postures, such as full-standing or hack squat. However, many factors (e.g., amplitude, frequency, and subject posture) affect the capacity of the vibrations to propagate to the target site; the adequate level of stimulation required to produce these effects has not yet been defined.

Mechanical Vibration Book By Vp Singh Pdf Free 29

Abstract:The main objective of this study is to examine the impact of reinforcements on the strength of natural fiber composites. Recent advancements in natural fiber composites have minimized the usage of man-made fibers, especially in the field of structural applications such as aircraft stiffeners and rotor blades. However, large variations in the strength and modulus of natural fiber degrade the properties of the composites and lower the safety level of the structures under dynamic load. Without compromising the safety of the composite structure, it is significant to enrich the strength and modulus of natural fiber reinforcement for real-time applications. The strength and durability of natural fiber can be enriched by reinforcing natural fiber. The reinforcement effect on natural fiber in their woven, braided, and knit forms enhances their structural properties. It improves the properties of natural fiber composites related to reinforcement with short and random-orientation fibers. The article also reviews the effect of the hybridization of natural fiber with cellulosic fiber, synthetic fiber, and intra-ply hybridization on its mechanical properties, dynamic mechanical properties, and free vibration characteristics, which are important for predicting the life and performance of natural fiber composites for weight-sensitive applications under dynamic load.Keywords: natural fiber composite; woven natural fiber; orientation; mechanical; dynamic mechanical; vibration


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