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Steele Framed Movie Download Hd UPD

Our HD scans are designed to capture every last detail of what's on a movie frame, even if that movie frame image is larger than the traditional area set forth in the official SMPTE spec for 8mm and 16mm film projection and scanning. We do this because we believe your memories are important, and it's a big project to convert your home movies to digital. You only want to do it once. The only part of the frame we crop out are the sprocket holes of the film (some cameras did capture a little information above the sprocket holes). Whether you download the files or get them saved to a USB stick, you will still get the benefit of our HD scanning.

Steele Framed Movie Download Hd

By default and for free, we provide you with the ability to download your movie film to your computer or any device connected to the internet. We also provide the option for you to get your movie film on a USB drive which you will be able to plug into any TV with a USB port. 350c69d7ab


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