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Epsont1110adjustmentprogramfree ^NEW^

this program set a "adjustment program" that is executed after each recording action. this program is often useful for automating simple postprocessing tasks like automatic alignment and calibration. the command-line options control the main functions of the program. for a more detailed description, see the adjustment programs page.


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this program aligns the figure to the first calibration image. align may be applied to a data file, or to the standard output of the alignment tool (epsont1110alignmentpathalgorithm). for a more detailed description, see the alignment page.

this program checks the alignment paths created by the epsont1110alignmentpathalgorithm program and epsont1110alignfigure program. the results of this check are written to the standard output file and to the standard error file. for a more detailed description, see the alignment page.

this program performs a calibration. the calibration is done using a target image selected using the command-line option --calibrationimage. a function that saves the results of the calibration is also performed. for a more detailed description, see the calibration page.

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